Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Relaxer Stretch

This morning on my way to work, I randomly decided that since I am studying for actuarial exams in November, I will stretch my relaxer until then which would mean no relaxer for 3 months. My last touch-up was in mid-August and I will get another touch up in mid-November.

The key I hear to stretching relaxer is moisture. Therefore, I will be adding a moisturizing co-wash to my weekly regimen. I don't have much spare time, so this will all have to be done at night, especially now that it's starting to get colder.

My main concern is itching. I have an itchy scalp and it tends to become extremely intense at around the 7 week mark. I've had to reschedule relaxers due to this issue.
Hopefully, with co-washing, tea tree oil and my trusty oinment from my dermatologist, I can get through this stretch with my scalp intact.

Wish me luck!


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