Wednesday, June 28, 2006

New Car

I just looked under the hood of my neew car the other day. It looks nothing like the cars my parents drove. It was like expecting to see a cute little baby and instead end up looking at Medusa herself! The enging looks like nthing I'm used to seeing. Where the carburettor!. dip stick...

Ah well, may his long weekend. Me and the under hood of my car will have a nice long show and tell session. Everyone will probably think that something is wrong with it..but I think that I should know a thing or two about my own vehicle.

Monday, June 26, 2006


I kinda came up with this while talking to my friend William the other day, who's mother recently passed away after a long illness. He said it was sucha relief when she passed. The also had difficulty getitng along.

I started to realise something, looking at my parents. The made some huge mstakes raising me and my siblings. But, I am grateful to them because they introduced me to the arts, and also to GOD. I had an outlet to express my self.. And I had God who in my adult life, helped and is helping me work through those issues. They inflicted the wounds but taught me about how to get my healing. I am grateful for that every day. I had to sit and accept, that they are human.

I know I will make my share of mistakes with my children. All I know is that I will do for them what my parents did for me. Provide them with an outlet for expression. And make sure that they know that God can heal all things...even the hurt inflicted by parents